Depths Unseen

via Daily Prompt: Unseen


Intruders have ravished our home

Stolen fine metals from heirloom chests

Burned photo albums

Soiled our gardens

once lush, dancing with a fervor of life

Intruders have made us feel unsafe in our own skin

Afraid to touch each other

To seek solace in the warmth of embrace

We must trample our fear

Run timidity into the ground

Run shame away with love and celebration

Reclaim our heritage

Rebuild our home

We are capable of much more

Emerge from depths unseen

Stand tall, soar with wings

gifted in our ancestral halls

Shadows offer no shelter


2 thoughts on “Depths Unseen

    1. Thank you very much. It’s a story that I think is written on the hearts of many people… today I shared a piece of my interpretation


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