Honorable Mentions in the Maroons’ Ancestral Libation poetic series

trailblazers and first-timers
set the bar high
we’ll climb higher
dodge, think, fight
over the moon
grit and growl
heros of today and forever
ours’ for experience

During the Official Black History Month (cuz face it, every month deserves Black History) and beyond, this blog will honor people who demonstrated critical elements of the Black / African experience with commemorative poems. This poem pays homage to all the honorable mentions that didn’t have an attributed poem in the Maroons’ Ancestral Libation poetic series this year. And for Black people in general, as a people.

The list in no particular order:
Zora Neale Hurston
Jean Bsptiste Point du Sable
Claudette Colvin
Marcus Garvey
Nina Simone
Aimé Fernand David Césaire
Chinua Achebe
Ida B. Wells
William Wells Brown
John Higgins
Bunchy Carter
Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche
Toni Morrison
Alondra Oubre
Barack Obama
B.B. King
Langston Hughes
Alex Haley
Nat Turner
Frances Harper
George Washington Bucker
Anna Arnold Hedgeman
Dorothy Height
Robert Smalls


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